2. Bugis, 2014 on Flickr.



  4. Something that I’ve been working on.




  7. "There is something deeply wrong in modern society. There are large groups of people who have come to imagine that the screens of their phones are appropriate venues for sharing their photographic images (or portfolios) with other people. If you are one of these people and your friends are as clueless and classless as you then I guess it really doesn’t matter, but…if you are trying to share your work with someone whose action upon having viewed your images could be helpful to your career or your cause then you need to re-think your presentation skills and recalibrate your ideas about what constitutes appropriate displaying and sharing tactics."

    Sharing photographs through prints is one of the best ways to share your photographs - there’s just something physical and intimate about it. But the next best thing would be something large and digital, like the iPad. Kirk takes us through the different options we have for sharing our work.



  9. "I photographed Clint Eastwood with my Hasselblad and later photographed him while he was being interviewed, this time using a 35mm-style DSLR camera because I was working reportage-style. He stopped the interview, smiled and said to me: “Didn’t you have a real camera before? What happened?”"