2. The age-old debate of what makes a photograph good. Alec Soth ruminates about it and talks about why he prefers to look at photobooks then just the single photograph.


  3. Tenryuji, Arashiyama, Kyoto, 2013





  7. "We’re not there yet but it’s coming. Every time a film is discontinued that day is a bit closer. We can move on to some other film and use that until it’s depleted or too expensive, but it’s just deferring the inevitable. We all know the endgame here —most of us have already reached it— and it’s digital."

    Yep, the end is eventually coming. I shoot mostly slide film now simply because I know its demise will probably be the first to be reached and I sure want to shoot the hell out of it before I won’t be able to. Hopefully they’ll keep colour negatives and b&w longer around!

    Blake Andrew takes a look at one of the two possible options we can do now: doing something that works now and hanging onto it for as long as you can.



  9. Sin Ming, 2013 on Flickr.